All Duct systems on this project were constructed from 5052 marine grade aluminium due to the corrosive nature of the application.

The aluminium duct is seal welded to AS/NZS 1665:2004 (Welding of Aluminium Structures) and is 100 % air and leak tight

Our scope of works included:

•    Design & draft ducting systems to existing concept and provided computations
•    Fabricate all ducting systems
•    Supply Opposed blade dampers
•    Fabricate all HD galvanised duct and fan supports
•    Coordinate transport
•    Installation of all Duct systems, HD galvanised supports, Extraction fans, dampers and flexible connections.

Applications included:

•    Supply Ducts
•    Recirculation Ducts
•    Collection Ducts
•    Discharge Ducts
•    Central Biofilter Duct

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