For many manufacturing industries the ever-changing expectations and demands placed upon them to comply with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations is costly and overwhelming.

AB DOWNS Industries can advise and give you cost effective options to suit your business requirements

Our services:

•    Collector selection
•    Cyclone selection
•    Design and draft ducted extraction system
•    Fabrication
•    Sub-contract surface treatment ie;- Paint, and HD galvanise
•    Installation
•    Electrical connections (when required)
•    Pneumatic connections (when required)
•    Service contracts


•    Industrial / manufacturing
•    Medical
•    Scientific
•    Schools & colleges
•    Workshops
•    Silo’s
•    Welding
•    Soldiering
•    Grinding
•    Woodworking

To find out how we can best help your business with it’s extraction and collection requirements

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